Born and raised in Beijing, China, and have relocated to different nations for the past decade. My work draws from personal history and alternative identities—exploring the ambivalent relationship between alienation and belonging to gender, ethnicity, and other social characters. From a communication and journalism background, I often examine the artist's role as a liaison of the communities.


During years in New York, I have sold bubble tea near Times Square and extended my first solo show to a two-person exhibition to question “Who is privileged to be defined as an artist?” For earning the O1(Aliens with extraordinary ability) Visa in the US, I also counterfeited an art exhibition that only existed in the legal documents. In addition, I was also an art worker and a volunteer.


Currently, I am attending a residency program at Jan Van Eyck Academie and focusing on two projects: criticizing the elitism that leads to inevitable failures in the art world; my expat experience relates to the time and space in Maastricht, the Netherlands.